What's Next?

Insights for global, EMEA and sector-specific real estate opportunities

Markets, people and communities across borders and real estate sectors have all been affected as events in 2020 have changed the operating environment for the use and value of real estate.


At Colliers we’re here to help you be enterprising, to navigate the challenges and make the most of opportunities as markets in the region start to recover and rebound, as we identify What’s Next and lead the industry into the future.

We will showcase What’s Next for inbound and outbound capital, alternative and disruptive asset classes, to help identify where enduring value can be found around the world. What’s Next for office occupancy, logistics and retail operations, and how can owners and investors maximise the potential of property?

In just a matter of months, everything as we know it—life, work, how we interact—has seemingly changed but one thing remains true. There’s a simple power in people coming together. That’s why Colliers is bringing clients, contacts and colleagues together to connect and collaborate.


We don’t see real estate at a standstill, we see what could be. Join us to see What’s Next?

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